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The Baby Gunners

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Watch the baby!Gunners! [16 Jul 2008|05:06pm]

The first match of pre-season, as always against Barnet, is on Saturday. If you have ATV you can watch on that. I don't know what streams, if any, will exist. gunnergirls is doing an arsespam, so come follow on that too. The squad is mostly made up of baby!gunners, including Nacer Barazite, James Dunne, Rui Fonte, Gavin Hoyte, Henri Lansbury, Vito Mannone, Havard Nordtveit, Abu Ogogo, Mark Randall, Paul Rodgers, Jay Simpson, Rene Steer, Wojciech Szczesny, Jack Wilshere and Armand Traore. Also possibly featuring are Carlos Vela and Aaron Ramsey, but I'm not sure if they count as baby!gunners.

Ahead of the new season I thought I'd also try to make a list of what youth internationals are currently at Arsenal, just because it does give you some idea of the amount of talent coming through. Currently in the English squads from Arsenal are:

Under here...Collapse )
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A community for Eduardo [25 Feb 2008|11:31pm]

Hi all! I've created a community for Eduardo, Arsenal's striker.

eduardo_9 eduardo_9 eduardo_9 eduardo_9eduardo_9

Join if you are a fan! =)
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News update [29 Jan 2008|03:52pm]

The fourth round of the FA Youth Cup is tonight at 7pm at Anfield. It'll be on Arsenal TV, but I think may be delayed until 9:45 because of the first team match.

Obviously Liverpool have a very good youth team, and are the current holders. But their current team is a little younger than last year, and they also have a new manager. However, we've got quite a few players missing. Henri Lansbury has glandular fever, Rui Fonte's broken his nose, and strikers Rhys Murphy and Jack Wilshere are both injured. Also we've played quite a few games recently. If we do get through, we'll be playing Sunderland.

Also, Nacer Barazite has been talking about his dislocated shoulder, Havard Nordtveit has been talking about his injuries, and unusually for Arsenal, Paul Rodgers is not injured but has been talking about the Liverpool game instead.

Also, some new baby!Gunners have been added to the list! Jonas Rasmussen is a 16 year old Danish midfielder, who happens to share his name with an Olympic badminton player, and James Shea is a 16 year old Islington-born goalkeeper. Both have made a few appearances on our youth team.

Remember to cheer them on in the match tonight!
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Fran to Real Sociedad [10 Jan 2008|01:22pm]

Happened a few days ago, but Fran is off to Real Sociedad on loan. Vincent van den Berg is also off on loan, to Dutch side Go Ahead Eagles (coolest name ever, yes?) while Jay Simpson has extended his loan at Millwall, where he's been doing well.

Pictures of Fran's medicalCollapse )

Hopefully he'll get lots of playing time. There is a rumour that they've got the option to make the loan permanent at the end of the season, but I doubt that since we've just paid Barcelona two million for him.
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Arsenal now young, gifted and English [09 Jan 2008|05:12am]

I'm a terrible mod, y/y? Lots has been going on and I haven't posted about any of it. Fran Merida, Keiran Gibbs, Mark Randall and Henri Lansbury have all made their debuts in the Carling Cup, and Henri was also on the bench for the FA Cup match against Burnley. We're doing well in the reserves and youth leagues, and the first match of the FA Youth Cup is on Friday! And they better win because it's my birthday :D.

Anyway, there's a very good interesting article in the Telegraph about how Arsenal produces such good players, and about how several coming through now are English. Also mentions that apparently David Beckham has been coaching Mark Randall on free kicks!

Here we go again: a Carling Cup semi-final with Arsenal's young bucks taking centre stage. Tonight's date with Tottenham, a repeat of last year, means they have got this far three times in a row.Collapse )

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Arsenal magazine interview [30 Sep 2007|04:01pm]

The current issue of Arsenal magazine has an interview with Henri Lansbury, Rhys Murphy and Gavin Hoyte. It is just very sweet and funny, with lots of 'team bonding' (i.e. insulting each other) and lots of laughing. I've scanned it in and it is definitely worth reading.

Thumbnails beneath the cutCollapse )
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picspam! [24 Sep 2007|01:25pm]

I meant to do all these other posts, including one about Fran in the World Cup, but...I haven't. Sadly Spain didn't win, they got to the final and lost on penalties. Spain failed to score any, so that's possibly something they should practise. Fran took the second, I think.

Anyway, tomorrow is the first Carling Cup game of the season, against Newcastle. Who will play is always difficult to work out. He could easily put together a team of second-string first-teamers, and put some baby!Gunners on the bench. Or a few baby!Gunners might start.

Oh, and Kieran Gibbs has been included in our official Champions League squad, so although I really doubt he'll even get onto the bench for any games, does suggest that Wenger rates him quite highly.

And now, a picspam: made up of Fran, Henri, Rhys, Gavin, Nacer, and Kieran. I didn't mean it to be so dominated by Fran, but...well, that's not really a bad thing, is it?

Pics! Lots of.Collapse )

As always you can check out all match results on the official site. We've been doing quite well, including beating Watford 7-1.

And (although this probably deserves to be more than a little bit at the end), James Dunne, Rene Steer, Abu Ogogo, Gavin Hoyte and Kieran Gibbs have all signed their first professional contracts. All are 17, and Kieran turns 18 in two days. So happy birthday to him.
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Big England post [05 Sep 2007|04:05pm]

I know I've just been posting about the U-17 WC lately...but there have been lots of articles and that about the baby!Gunners involved.

Anyway, this post is summing up all that's happened to England since the group stages. I'll do a post on Spain and Fran after the final, which they've reached. But sadly Henri, Rhys and Gavin were knocked out by Germany in the quarter-finals. That's actually a great achievement: England's never even been to an U-17 WC before, so to reach the quarter-finals is good.

There's an article/interview from FIFA.com about Rhys and Henri, from before the Germany game and saying how the third goal against Syria was 'made in Arsenal' (I like that quote :)):

Gunning for GloryCollapse )

One from before Syria. Apparently Rhys asking Fran what to expect and Fran was boasting about his goal :). Also, I never knew they lived together?:

Spainish InquisitionCollapse )

And then from Gavin Hoyte, about his brother and that:

Running in the familyCollapse )

And about Henri and his first penalty (oh yeah, I should probably mention that he scored another penalty against Syria, and Rhys scored against Syria and Germany):

My greatest momentCollapse )

And, finally, another about Rhys Murphy:

Murphy's lawCollapse )

So that's lots and lots for you to read, if you can be bothered. But it is definitely worth it because they are all lovely. All the articles are from thefa.com or fifa.com.
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Fulham 1 - 2 Arsenal [01 Sep 2007|11:44pm]
Arsenal Youth started their league 2 days ago (30-08) against Fulham and won the game 1-2.

with goals from Simpson & Traore. The goal for Fulham was a penalty (an easy one *rolls eyes* [/rant])

The team that played.
Arsenal Reserves
Vito Mannone; Paul Rodgers; Armand Traore; Abu Ogogo; Havard Nordtveit; Kieran Gibbs; James Dunne; Nacer Barazite; Mark Randall (Jay Emmanuel-Thomas 37); Jay Simpson; Nicklas Bendtner (Rui Fonte 63)


Mark Randall was subbed due to an injury. Havard has made Captain as Matthew Connolly is on loan with Colchester United this season.

There are highlights of the game on ATVO if you are a subscriber (I will try to upload it to youtube but last time i tried i failed, it loads fuzzy >_<)

Next Game will be against Portsmouth on the 3rd of September.

I am sorry if this is wrong here
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Fran article + pictures! [28 Aug 2007|11:59am]

Merida has faith in SpainCollapse )

Also, Arsenal's international watch has been updated: Lansbury stars as England beats Brazil.

And the U18s have won their first match of the season, 3-1 against Chelsea (Barazite scoring 1 and Randall 2), while the reserves first play on the 30th.
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U-17 World Cup Group Stages [26 Aug 2007|04:37pm]

Well, England and Spain are both finished in the group stages. Both won their groups. England will now play Syria, and Spain will play Korea DPR.

England's first game was against Korea DPR, and they drew 1-1. Henri Lansbury and Rhys Murphy both started, while Gavin Hoyte came off the bench. It wasn't the best off games, as it was extremely hot and England didn't really play their best. The heat was a reason for most teams using a rotation policy, so that in England's 5-0 win over New Zealand Gavin Hoyte was the only baby!Gunner who played.

Finally, England beat Brazil 2-1, which was obviously a great result as Brazil are one of the favourites to win the tournament. This was a good game. Henri Lansbury and Gavin Hoyte both started and played the full 90 minutes, while Rhys Murphy came on as a sub. Henri was very good defensively, and scored an equalising penalty just before half time. He also gave the assist for Jonathan Spence's winning goal (although he may have in fact been trying to shoot, but let's just ignore that). He also picked up a yellow card, so he'll have to be careful in future games.

Spain's first game was against Honduras, and they won 4-2. Fran Merida played the full 90 minutes. Sadly I didn't see any of the Spain games so I don't really know how it went. Fran then scored in Spain's 2-1 win over Syria, but then was rested for the 1-1 draw with Argentina.

It hasn't been getting much attention in the media, but the FA have an interview with Henri on their official website here, mostly about the Brazil game. And obviously if anyone else has seen any baby!Gunners being interviewed or whatever, please post here?
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Dates for the U-17 World Cup [09 Aug 2007|12:08pm]

The U-17 World Cup starts in nine days, and several baby!Gunners will be involved. Rhys Murphy, Henri Lansbury and Gavin Hoyte have been called up for England (nice article about that here), Fran Merida for Spain, and I believe Gilles Sunu for France, but I could be wrong on that. I'm not actually sure who's in the French squad.

Anyway, under the cut are the dates and times of the matches, just in case you're as sad as me and want to plan your holidays round them :).

Read more...Collapse )

Oh, and England participated in the U-17 Nordic Championships with a sort of second U-17 team (involving a different coach and none of the regulars). They came third, and fairly new Gunner Conor Henderson was involved in a one-two leading to a goal - I think he's just come up from Hale End.
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More videos [04 Aug 2007|09:09pm]

More videos! I'm never really sure whether to upload these, because if you've got ATV you'll have seen them already. And I don't know how interested anyone is. But someone did request one of these, so yay!

FA Youth Cup: Arsenal v Cardiff City, featuring Jay Simpson's hattrickCollapse )

Interview with Havard Nordtveit, our new defenderCollapse )

There's also an interview with Kieran Gibbs from after the Inter Milan game, but it's taking ages to upload and half-time will soon be over.

Also, the new squad photos are out, as someone (I'm sorry, I completely forget who) pointed out to me during a discussing about Henri's hair. There are a few new names, some come from elsewhere (Gilles Sunu, Kyle Bartley) and some up from the academy. Go look here.
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Arsenal XI v Hampton+Richmond Borough [01 Aug 2007|07:32pm]

From what I gather on the website, a whole bunch of Baby!gunners played a friendly match against Hampton & Richmond Borough yesterday.

We won four-nil with Simpson, Lansbury scoring, and Barazite twice.

Congrats boys!

More info here.
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Baby!Gunners news [29 Jul 2007|06:22pm]

I've been very neglectful recently. But never mind. We've just won the Emirates trophy (yay!) so I'm in an Arsenal mood.

First, several baby!Gunners were involved in the tournament. Mark Randall, Kieran Gibbs, and Armand Traore all played. Henri Lansbury, Rhys Murphy, and Nacer Barazite were all on the bench and got to collect their little black boxes at the end despite not actually getting on the pitch.

And from the tournament I noticed: Kieran Gibbs is very, very good; Nacer and Robin seem very friendly; and Henri's hair is getting very long.

The baby!Gunners not involved in that played a game against Bishops Stortford, which they drew 1-1. A few pics can be found here.

On the official site, it's reserves week! Which means there have been quite a few baby!Gunners articles.

Fran Merida says he'd love a Carling Cup chance
Nacer Barazite talks about adapting to English football
There's an article on the FA Youth Cup run last year
They've chosen the top five reserve games from last year
Mark Randall talks about the benefits of the Austria trip
Kieran Gibbs talks about the Youth Cup
And they've selected the top five reserve goals from last year.

There are also quite a few videos - an interview with Nordtveit, interviews with Brady and Banfield, and highlights from the top five games/goals. So are people interested in all of them? If people could comment with which they want to see, because I'm not sure I want to upload them all!
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New First Year Scholars [09 Jul 2007|04:13pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rhys Murphy, Tom Cruise, Luke Ayling, Craig Eastmond, Jay Thomas, Sanchez Watt, and Henri Lansbury - does anyone know who the other two are? Anyway, first year scholars are the ones who've just left school/are at least 16 at the beginning of the season. I think, anyway!

Also, Matthew Connolly has gone on loan for a year to Colchester United. So hopefully he does well there.

And Armand Traore did an interview for FourFourTwo! I don't know, I was never much interested in him before, but this really made me like him. Especially the answer to the last question! And I think it's really nice he lives with Mark Randall.

Under hereCollapse )
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Interview with Fran [15 Jun 2007|05:40pm]

From Fifa.

In the build up to the U-17 World Cup, which I am getting very over-excited about. I was reading about the missing (now found) Haitian teenagers when I came across this...copied and pasted below because Fifa seems to move pages around sometimes.

Merida shaping up for SpainCollapse )
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the youth of today! [06 Jun 2007|03:13pm]

Got my official Arsenal mag today, and being very bored, decided to type up any mentions of the baby!Gunners. Enjoy.

Fran's dream teamCollapse )

Interview with Armand TraoreCollapse )

And finally, the footnote from Rob the Chef's recipe of the month column:

“The buffet went down a storm with the staff and first team but the Under-18s were unbelievable, none of them would touch any of the salads or new potatoes – the main excuse was they ‘don’t eat cold food!’ The majority had two bowls of soup and at least six rolls each. One of the lads said when questioned, he doesn’t eat anything green as it makes him sick! One boy said he couldn’t eat anything unless it was accompanied by rice.

Can someone please explain to me why the youth of today will not eat fresh vegetables or salads?”

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Gunners in Hong Kong (Update@July 10) [06 Jun 2007|10:46am]


Right. It's about 3 weeks ago. The Gunners came to Hong Kong to join The 2007 HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer Sevens Tournament. And the results were 1W-1D-2L.
Details: http://www.soccer7s.com/results.html

Here're some photos.......

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New affiliate and U-17 championship news [14 May 2007|11:18am]

First, we have a new affiliate! gunnergirls, for, as the name suggests, female gooners. So if that's you go join.

Second, Spain have won the U-17 Euro Championship, which is obviously good for Fran. I didn't see the match so I don't know how he played. Bojan Krkic (who we apparently once tried to sign) scored the only goal. Henri didn't play - mainly because of his injury, but also apparently because his grandfather has fallen ill and he had to return home. So here's hoping both of them recover soon.

And anyone who was dreading a football-free summer...don't worry! Because several baby!Gunners are going to be flying to South Korea in August to tke part in the U-17 World Cup. England and Spain have both qualified, but sadly Holland hasn't. The full list of teams taking part can be found here.
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